Aiming at the launch and success of the mission, for some years the Astro-H team members have been hard at work at research and development, making steady progress. They have faced many tough obstacles along this long road. They have had many moments of success. This diary is an introduction to the daily work life -- and to the excitements -- of these members.

Dec 26, 2011 FOB Vibration Testing
Dec 20, 2011 Bringing the FOB to ISAS/JAXA
Dec 13, 2011 Software and calibration team meeting
Nov 16, 2011 NASA SXS CDR
Aug 26, 2011 ASTRO-H summer school
Jun 13, 2011 Network system testing.
Mar 8, 2011 Telescopes vibration testing.
Mar 8, 2011 SXI membrane measuring.

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