In August, the process of reviewing the detailed design of Astro-H, looking for any flaws, was begun. This process is known as the Critical Design Review (CDR). For the Astro-H project, study meetings — which also served as opportunities for self-checking — have been completed for each subsystem. Now, each subsystem in turn will undergo a CDR. Once the series of CDR’s for each subsystem has been completed, a CDR of the system as a whole will be carried out. At NASA, SRON and every other institute of our international partners, a CDR will be carried out for the subsystem(s) being developed at that institute. Once the CDR is completed, progress in the development can be made.

Today, we have received the good news that the SXS team has passed the NASA SXS CDR. As seen in the picture, the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has recognized this achievement with a message of congratulations on its electronic message board in front of the institute. (Photo by Dr. Richard Kelley.)

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