The ninth ASTRO-H Science Working Group Meeting

    The ninth ASTRO-H Science Working Group Meeting was held at the Tsukuba Space
Center from 18-22 February. 

    Once ASTRO-H has been launched, the initial phase of operations will be spent
verifying how well the instruments on-board the spacecraft meet the performance
expectations they have been designed to meet. To this end, the meeting had the 
important goal of preparing for this performance verification phase.  The meeting 
was spent in discussions of which astronomical targets are best suited to making 
these verifications.  Also discussed were the kinds of results to be expected from 
these observations, based on the designed-for performance of the instruments. In this 
way, the science working group is getting prepared to make a proper evaluation of the 
actual performance of the instruments. 

    A great many foreign researchers, including members of NASA, participated in the
discussions, which were divided into separate groups. The discussions were climactic!
During a break in the sessions, researchers were able to see the ASTRO-H satellite,
which is currently on-site at Tsukuba Space Center. Many foreign researchers were 
surprised at the large size of the satellite!"


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