SXS Integration: Awkwardly dressed while staring intently at the QL screen!

Team members wrapped in clothing designed to prevent contamination (sometimes referred to as “bunny suits”) stare intently at the QL screen. “QL” is an abbreviation for “Quick Look” software which displays a variety of information provided by the detectors in real time. In this way, signals and other data being output by the detectors may be both monitored and verified. (There is also “DL” software which allows for re-checking previously-recorded data.)

During tests the behavior of the detectors is monitored through information provided by the QL software. The scientists are concerned with whether or not the data being output by the detectors are as they are expected to be, whether any error messages have been emitted and whether or not the temperature, power and noise levels are acceptable. The QL screen allows them to check for all of these situations. Any strange or suspicious
behavior by the detectors may also be looked for.

While it may appear that the people involved in this work are not doing very much, this “Quick Look” monitoring is a very important part of the entire process.


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