SXI Integration Test

During integration testing each instrument is the focus of tests for a given day. Among other things, these tests are designed to determine whether or not the instrument operates as expected after it has been integrated into the satellite and whether or not it is a source of noise for any of the other elements of the satellite.

Today was the day for the tests of the SXI and many team members from all over Japan assembled at Tsukuba as these tests were carried out. The team members came from Osaka University, Kyoto University, Tohoku University and other institutes from across Japan. The monitor at which everyone was peering intently displayed the results of the tests as they were being executed. Where the commands that were sent to the SXI successfully received? Was the detector working as expected? Were the temperatures of the detector as expected? What was the noise level of the SXI? Information on these questions was eagerly awaited. The smiling faces surely indicate that the tests were going well !


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