HXI has been installed into the satellite

The fast pace of development and testing of the HXI continues, and an important milestone has been reached: the HXI has been installed into the satellite! On February 9, the HXI detector was fixed onto the satellite plate and by February 20, the work of attaching the heat shield was completed.

The picture, which was taken in the lab where the work was carried out, shows the members whose valiant efforts brought about this milestone. These members represent the various research organizations and companies, along with JAXA, who are involved in the HXI. The HXI is the silver object in the background that has the appearance of “horns” or perhaps “ears”. This great milestone could only be reached through the hard work and support of everyone involved!

From here, testing of the satellite electronics and the satellite environment will continue. A great deal of work remains before Astro-H can begin making scientific observations. The continuing development of the analysis software is one task that is ongoing. The mastery of the techniques of verification and operation of the instruments is another area of ongoing work that must be done before launch. In order that Astro-H can confront the challenging observations it will make everyone must press forward with hard work!


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