SGD, have a safe trip to the universe !

The last remaining unfinished instrument, the Soft Gamma-Ray Detector (SGD), was completed on April 17, marking an important milestone for ASTRO-H as the instrument team delivered the finished detector to the satellite systems team. This achievement was only possible through the collaboration of 13 organizations within Japan and 2 organizations outside Japan.

Once the SGD was delivered it was assembled over a period of four days, with the work ending on April 21. The detector was then covered by the gold-colored multi-layer thermal insulation sheet which can be seen in the photo. The SGD is now beneath this insulation sheet, hidden from view from the detector team!

With the completion of the ASTRO-H detectors we have at last turned the corner heading towards launch. From here other milestones to reach include function tests, thermal vacuum tests and vibration tests, among other tests also to be carried out. Many hurdles remain that must be overcome!

The SGD2 was installed into the main body of the satellite, along with a debris cover and a radiator. The SGD2 was then covered with the gold-colored thermal insulation blanket.

The SGD1 and SGD2, just before they were installed into the satellite. Also seen are members of the SGD team along with others involved in the work. Many other team members were
not present for the photo.

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