Group photo in from of the 34m antenna

Tanegashima Space Center was not the only location where team members assembled to help with launch activities. Groups were also on hand at the Uchinoura Space Center, the Sagamihara campus of the Space Science Research Center and universities, watching attentively as the events of the launch unfolded.

At Uchinoura, ~60 team members were on hand waiting for the first radio transmissions from the satellite. Even after the launch was declared a success people could not relax until it could be confirmed that the satellite was functioning well. Finally, two hours after launch team members let out a loud cheer as radio signals from the satellite were received at Uchinoura! Once they had finished cheering, however, it was time to commence the work of spacecraft operations.

The picture was taken during a brief moment of free time. The 34m antenna that was used to communicate with Hitomi is in the background.


The satellite mission begins from now. Over the next three months or so the instruments will be started and preparations will be made to begin observations of astronomical objects.

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