Exploring Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae in X-rays: before and after ASTRO-H

Exploring Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae in X-rays:
before and after ASTRO-H
2010.Feb.18-19, ISAS/JAXA, Japan

Scope of the meeting

The ASTRO-H is the sixth X-ray observation satellite that will explore the extreme universe with abundant high energy phenomena around black holes and supernova explosions, and observe a cluster of galaxies filled with high-temperature plasma. In this meeting, we will discuss on the unsolved problems today and how to solve them with next generation instruments, in particular with ASTRO-H.


Although the core of the program consists of invited speakers (who are already registered), the meeting is open for everyone. If you want to participate, please let us know via e-mail about your intention. We have no registration fee.

Tentative program

You can find the tentative program here.

Hotel information

Booking a single Non-smoking room of a hotel has been made for all invited people (from Feb.17 night – Feb.20 morning). It takes 5 min walk from JR Fuchinobe station, the nearest one from ISAS/JAXA.
You can find the information of “Toyoko-Inn” from this URL. Sorry but we have only Japanese web site. The basic information is as follows:

  • Room type: single
  • smoking/non-smoking: Non-smoking
  • Check-in/out: 16:00/10:00 (Please check-in before 24:00)
  • Breakfast: Included (simple Japanese breakfast only)
  • Bath: shower w. bathtub
  • Internet access: free (wired from your room)
  • Price: 5,980 JPY/night (66 USD or 46 EUR):
    please pay at Hotel (you can use credit cards)

If you prefer other options (double room, twin room, smoking room, other hotels, etc), please let us know until Jan.10.2010.


How to access ISAS/JAXA

The nearest airport is Tokyo/Narita airport. You can find a lot of direct flights from Europe and US. The easiest way to come the Machida station, a big station close to ISAS/JAXA, is getting a limousine bus at the airport. You can get your ticket at the limousine bus counter after the baggage claim (see the official web page for the detail). From Machida to Fuchinobe, the nearest station to ISAS/JAXA, you can use JR line. If you use taxi, it will cost about 3,000 JPY (35 USD or 25 EUR). ISAS/JAXA is 20 min walk from the station.
For more information, please check official ISAS/JAXA web site.


You can find information on ASTRO-H via
ASTRO-H website.

LOC (Contact)

Please e-mail to Aya Bamba (bamba ‘at’ astro.isas.jaxa.jp).

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