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Official ASTRO-H papers

2010 Takahashi, T. et al."The ASTRO-H Mission" SPIE, 7732, pp. 77320Z-77320Z-18, 2010
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2008 "The NeXT mission" ...(PDF - 1.2MB)
Tadayuki Takahashi, Proceedings of the SPIE meeting, "Space Telescopes and Instrumentation II: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray 2008", Marseille (2008)
Ogasaka, Y. et al. "The NeXT X-ray telescope system: status update" SPIE, 7011, 70110P-1, 2008
Kokubun, M. et al., "Hard X-ray imager (HXI) for the NeXT mission", SPIE, 7011, 70110R-1, 2008
Mitsuda, K. et al., "The X-ray microcalorimeter on the NeXT mission", SPIE, 7011, 701102K-1, 2008
Tsunemi, H. et al., "The SXI: CCD camera onboard the NeXT mission", SPIE, 7011, 70110Q-1, 2008
2004 Takahashi, T. et al." Wide band X-ray Imager (WXI) and Soft Gamma-ray Detector (SGD) for the NeXT Mission" SPIE, 5488, pp. 549-560, 2004

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